Friday, April 27, 2018

Kroger launches Clicklist

By: Lucas Smith Kroger of Ripley has launched its brand new “Clicklist” as a way to bring convenience to customers and to help them save time. Ripley Kroger adapted the idea from larger branches of Krogers across the state and the country. In fact, the Clicklist is in a growing number of Krogers all over the nation. Ripley Kroger decided to add the Clicklist program because it has gone well at bigger stores in Charleston and Parkersburg. “It saves time and the money from putting extra things in the cart. You can work from a budget at that point. For me, it’s about saving time. I don’t like to grocery shop,” said teacher Angie Litton. The Clicklist at Ripley Kroger has already seen good use. Many people have used the Clicklist since it was first opened. “We have had hundreds of orders. People really seem to love the curbside appeal,” said Kroger employee Zane Durst, who works specifically with the Clicklist. There is specific parking in the Kroger parking lot that the Clicklist user uses while waiting for the products they have purchased. It is in the right side of the parking lot. The first three orders from the Clicklist are free. After that, a $4.95 fee will be charged for each time you use the Clicklist. Pickup hours are between 7 o’clock a.m. and 9 o’clock p.m, and you must order at least five hours before you can pick up your order. You can reserve your pickup time three days in advance. If you order a product that the store does not have in stock, the employees will choose the item that best matches up with the one you have purchased. This could be as simple as changing a brand or adding up smaller sized products to meet the size of the product you ordered. “We match up the best products we can for you if we don’t have exactly what you want,” said Durst. In order to set up an account for the Clicklist, go to Under Clicklist you will be able to create an account. You register your Kroger card number along with your credit or debit card number. You have to pay with credit or debit in order to use the Clicklist. You will then select a store by location by typing in your zip code. Once you have registered your Kroger card and credit or debit card, it will automatically save it into your account and you will not have to type it in again if you decide to use the Clicklist again in the future.


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