Sunday, April 1, 2018

New Disk Golf Club in School

By: Lilly Sayre

Incoming freshman at Ripley High were thrilled when they started disk golf in gym class that the decided to start a team.

Gym teacher Tonya Williams was stunned by the amount of interest in forming a team. She said, “Most students cannot wait for disk golf to end, but these freshmen… I’m not too sure about them.”

English teacher Saunyell Atkinson was ecstatic to hear about the forming of a disk golf team. Atkinson is a two-time national disk golf champion. She is highly devoted to keeping her title in the family. Her mother and grandmothers before her all the way back to 1940 were national disk golf champions as well. Who better for her to share her disk golf knowledge with than the students forming a team at Ripley High?

Atkinson started on her disk golf journey at the young age of 18 months. Atkinson said, “The sooner we start the better we will be.”

Rain, snow, or shine, practice will be starting this Friday at Cedar Lakes due to their massive course available for use. Practice is scheduled for every day except Sunday for 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Freshman Isabella Sayre said, “After experiencing how fun it was in gym class I don’t mind having long practices. If you want to be the best you have to put in the time!”

 Atkinson plans to supply the Frisbees used for practice out of her massive championship collect that she holds very dear to her heart.

Atkinson has strictly stated, “If one of my disks land in one of those green gooey ponds you better be ready to jump in after it.”

 Be prepared to stay a minimum of 45 minutes after practice to clean and shine the Frisbee that you used for practice that day. Atkinson expects only the best from her players and her equipment.

 If you have tons of free time and loved disk golf in gym class come join the disk golf team every day after school!


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