Monday, April 9, 2018

Purkey headed to Nebraska for international theater competition

By: Lilly Sayre
March 22 kicked off the state thespians, competition for West Virginia. Among the students attending was sophomore Jane Purkey. Purkey competed in costume design in two categories. With costume design, you have two different designs. You have one that is used in a production put on during states, and another you pick from a set list of plays given to you.

Purkey received first in costume construction along with taking home first for costume construction in an actual play.

Purkey is one of two people headed to the international competition from West Virginia. She surpassed the minimum requirement and received a superior rating to qualify with flying colors. She will travel to Lincoln, Nebraska the last week in June to display her designs to be judged.

When forming a design Purkey mostly uses characters in a play and then adapts them to what she needs.  Purkey’s design that was selected for internationals is based off of a character in the play “The Imaginary Invalid”. Her character is a gold digger who married a sick wealthy man in order to inherit his money.

Purkey said, “I designed her as I imagined, elegant, covered in gold, and just an over the top fancy lady.”

Purkey is often inspired by magazines and television characters. She takes a design she is interested in and changes it to fit her need. She often needs clothes that are comfortable, and easy to take off because of the quick pace in play programs. They also need to fit her actors body types. 

Purkey said, “For people like me, I have a long torso so they need shirts that are longer in length.”
Purkey is considering a future career in design after high school, but admits with today’s economy it is unlikely she will be able to use it as a full-time career. At the least she will continue to design as a hobby. Whatever Jane Purkey decided for her future we know it is a bright one. Good luck at the international festival!


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