Monday, April 2, 2018

Russia tampers with WV election

Recent claims by the West Virginia Voting House are raising suspicions that Russia may have ties with the WV House of Delegates election. As crazy and unreal as this may sound, secret photographs have been leaked of House of Delegates members Andrew Bernard, Ronald Swanson, and Matthew Perry with different members of the Russian government in a secluded meeting.

Many people have been trying to debunk this as fake by saying that Russia would never pay this much attention to a U.S state as small as West Virginia, but skeptics believe that the little attraction that the state gets is exactly why they would tamper with the election.
Russian SQS member Kestrel Bophoh came fourth and said that he had taken part in a handful of secret operations involving attempting to take over all of the states that make up the U.S.

Bophoh said, “We want to start small and slowly work our way up to the big things. We started off tampering with the presidential election, which was huge. We had to stay hidden for a bit while simultaneously trying to take over. So we started off with small towns in various states, then Rhode Island, and now we aren’t sure where to go next.”
However, he mentioned nothing about the recent accusations about the House of Delegates election tampering. Which leads most WV citizens to believe that the Russian government is hiding something.  West Virginia veteran and politician, James Hetfield, is trying to break down Bophoh’s words.

Hetfield said, “I’ve spent time in the army, and law enforcement. I’ve also touched on forensic science. And I know enough to say that Kestrel Bophoh is hiding something from the people of both Russia and the United States. And I swear on the country that I served for 50 years we will get to the bottom of this. And Putin and the rest will face some sort of justice.”
However, West Virginia governor Jim Justice is silent on the whole situation. The primary election is going to be held in May. But, more suspicious activity is expected to arise from both sides before then.


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