Friday, May 4, 2018

Ripley High Students Visit Europe

A group of Ripley High students will embark on an adventure across Europe June 15-22. The trip is organized through the school and will visit England, France, Germany, Austria and Belgium. Each of the five students going paid around $5000, but the experiences will last them a lifetime.

This is not the first time that a group from the school has taken a summer trip. Last year, 20 students visited Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii. This year’s tour will focus on World War 2 in Europe, and students will get to visit many historical monuments and locations. They will see the beaches at Normandy, Versailles, the Churchill War Rooms and the Berlin Wall.

Students will also have the opportunity to earn college credit while on this vacation. For a price of $300 and a written report after their trip, students could earn three hours of college credit in Interculturalism and Global Exploration through Southern New Hampshire University. Even for those who don’t want to pay for this credit, educational opportunities will be present everywhere. The tour will visit museums and many heritage sites throughout Europe.

Kristin Dewees, one of the leaders on the trip, thinks that the trip will benefit the students education.

“I think that the trip helps students get a bigger perspective of their world and its always cool to see the things you read about first hand and understand other cultures. The historical monuments by themselves are worth the trip, I’m very excited to go”, she said.

Not all learning comes from the classroom. There are countless opportunities around the world to broaden your worldview. All that you have to do is take the chance.


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