Monday, September 24, 2018

Vikings prepare for Homecoming

We got spicy deets for the homecoming game coming up this Friday! Ripley High School will be playing a home game against Brooke High School at 7:30 as usual. The football team is pumped about it.

“We will go through the game plan to see whatever the coach thinks fit,” senior Andrew Dolin said. “We’ll also look through old game films and watch some of the plays and pick which ones would work best,” he said.

Preparation is also a mental game.

“We’re gonna put our heads together and play tougher than the other team,” wide receiver Justin Wheeler said.

The team is preparing by doing a lot of conditioning and some offense and defense practice.  The Vikings are hoping for a better score this year compared to what we had last year’s homecoming game.

“Last year, we played against Huntington. We didn’t win,” fullback Jeremy Harper said.

We took a big loss last year as we played against Huntington which is another reason for the players to be mentally ready for this Friday’s game.

Nose guard Griffin Craddock adds, “[This year’s] score will definitely not be 49-7 - only if we’re winning.”

The coaches are also enthusiastic about the game.

Coach Ronnie Mullins is a graduate of Ripley High School.  He adds, “[I] really want to beat them because we lost to them when I was a senior during the playoffs.”

It seems like everyone is all set for the game! All the players are excited and ready to take the win home. We’ve won three out of four games so far so it’s looking like the Vikings are setting a stronger season this year. Come on out and cheer on our team from the bleachers as we prep for another victory!

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