Monday, October 1, 2018

Mental health in teens should increase in importance

Mental health problems are increasing more each day for teenagers. According to Mental Health America, there are over 1.7 million youth with major depressive episodes that do not receive treatment. Also in a five year period, rates of severe youth depression grew from 5.9% to 8.2%. 

Mental health is about emotions and connecting with the world around us.  Problems happen when we don’t understand and deal with them.  This is a very serious topic and to this day we are seeing it increase more each day, especially in younger kids. 

“ My definition of mental health is the state that your mind is in,” said senior Taylor Miller.

“I think that mental health occurs mostly in ages eleven through your early twenties. Our brains aren't fully developed until we are in our twenties,” said senior counselor Tina Holley. 

There are several types of mental health concerns such as anxiety, ADHD, ADD and tons more. Anxiety and ADHD are the most common in teenagers.  

“I think anxiety is the most common mental health concern in teenagers because there is a lot of stress and peer pressure put on us teens,” said senior Jaylyn Sheppard. 

Mental health issues are increasing here lately because we have more stressors around us. Teens have always stressed about school, relationships, and friendships.  However, they stress more about drugs, sex, bullying, money, and violence than people before them.

It is important to do something about it so it doesn’t get worse.

Some people go to the doctor to get prescribed medication for anxiety and depression. Other people go to counseling and that seems to help them out too. Doctors like to make some of their patients do both; sometimes that works better for them. 

“If I were to have depression and anxiety I would probably like to go to counseling better than taking a pill everyday, “ said senior Hayley Gibson. 

Some things you can do to help decrease your stress before it gets to the point where you need professional help: exercise, read a book, draw a picture, take a deep breath, counting, and walk away.

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