Monday, October 29, 2018

New "Halloween" movie is the same old story

The legend of Michael Myers continues! Or does it? The release of the newest “Halloween” movie has caused a debate whether or not it’s a good movie or a bad movie.  Many people think it is overkill since it is the 11th movie in the series.  Others thought it brought back the nostalgic feeling of the old movies.

“Halloween” as a movie series first started back in 1978. The first “Halloween” movie was set 15 years after Michael murdered his sister on Halloween in night 1963 and was sent to a mental hospital and escaped. He went back to Haddonfield to kill again. The next nine movies he keeps killing people. The newest “Halloween” movie in 2018 is about Michael (Nick Castle, James Jude Courtney) escaping another mental hospital and hunting down Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) who is the person who escaped his attacks four decades ago

I’ve watched the movie and all i’m going to say is that I did not enjoy it. It wasn’t scary enough since it is repetitive after all the “Halloween” movies. Same characters and the same problems keep happening. 

So I do not think it’s worth the time and money going to the theaters. However it could be an ideal movie to watch with your friends and families.  It is not that it is horribly filmed or that the story doesn’t make sense.  The ideas are not new. The reason it got so much hate was because of the fact everyone gets it, Michael Myers seems to not die and neither will the movies.

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