Thursday, October 18, 2018

What Time is it? It's Election Time!

Election Day is coming up very soon and it’s usually on the Tuesday after November 1st. Votes goes to local, state, and national levels. In order to vote, you’ll need to be register and be the age of 18. This is a perfect opportunity for seniors, especially those who turn 18 right before November, to be able to vote. Find your nearest polling place and vote!

Important races, positions, or officials West Virginians will be voting for are the U.S. Senator and the U.S. Representative, your State Senate and State Delegate, and Amendments to the West Virginia Constitution that are being focused on right now in 2018.

This year’s U.S. Senate candidates will be Patrick Morrisey (Jefferson Co.), Joseph Manchin III (Marion Co.), and Rusty Hollen (Harrison Co.). Morrisey has been the Attorney General of West Virginia for the past five years and he is also a Republican. Manchin is the Democratic candidate; he has also worked on focusing on education. Hollen is a Libertarian Party candidate.

Our U.S. Representative candidates are Alex X. Mooney (Jefferson Co.), Talley Sergent (Kanawha Co.), and Daniel P. “Danny” Lutz, Jr. (Jefferson Co.). Mooney is a Republican candidate, Sergent is a Democratic candidate, and Lutz, Jr. is a Mountain candidate. All three candidates are running for positions of the U.S. House West Virginia District 2.

The State Senator candidates are Eric J. Tarr (Putnam Co.), Brian Prim (Mason Co.), and Amy Nichole Grady (Mason Co.). Tarr is a Republican, Prim is a Democratic, and Grady is a Non-Partisan Association candidate. They are running for the 4th Senatorial District.

Then, our candidates for State Delegates are Steve Westfall (Jackson Co.) and Missy Morris (Jackson Co.). Westfall is a Republican and Morris is a Democratic candidate. They both are running for the 12th Delegate District.

The Amendments that are being focused on right now is Amendment No. 1: No Constitutional right to abortion Amendment. The other one is Amendment No. 2: Judicial Budget Oversight Amendment.

The Abortion Amendment, which is No. 1, is to clarify that there is nothing in the Constitution of WV that secures or protects the right to abort or funding for abortion.

The Judicial Budget Amendment, which is No. 2, is set to be reviewed and understand the rights for the budget, including keeping track of it after what happened last time of stealing and misplaced or misused money of the Judicial branch budget.

For example, the whole WV Supreme Court has misused the money out of that budget only for redecoration that nobody will see. You can choose whether to support the Amendments or not to. Therefore, that is why we have that amendment set up for voting and also the ballot for some positions of the Supreme Court which you can find online or on paper copy at your nearest city building!

Be prepared for Election Day and make sure you know who or what you’re voting for!

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