Friday, December 14, 2018

Students, staff have different opinions about Viking Boost

Viking Boost is a fifteen-minute extension to class periods before and after lunch for teachers and students to work together. A student can get work done when they didn’t have time during that class. Teachers can give extra help one-on-one or in small groups.  It rotates so every class has Boost one day a week.

Principal Beverly Shatto said we have “Viking Boost because kids have things to do after school like take care of animals for the fair and do chores. We give them a chance during school to get their work done.”

The biggest difference between Boost and Power Hour is that Boost is during class and not lunch.

“Sometimes students would be required to go to more than one class during Power Hour each day.  The students and teachers had to coordinate schedules, and sometimes the students didn’t get enough help because they were running back and forth.  Separating it by periods definitely helps us to deal with one group at a time,” English teacher Emily Okes said.

This year, students can work on anything during Boost. Students are already in class so if they need to stay for Boost, then they just stay. The requirement to stay for Boost is having a 70% or lower, any missing work or zeros, over five days of absents in that class, or if the teacher wants the student to stay. 

Shatto said “Kids who are not in Viking Boost can go to the cafeteria and the main lobby but not in the hallways or around classes so they don’t disturb them.”

Teachers like Jeanette Bowlby use their Boost time to “help students with their classwork, give private lessons, allow students to advance in their musical abilities.” Some kids get work done in class but some don’t so Boost time is good for them. 

Students that useBoost like sophomore Talyson Rose and freshman Salena Crook think that it helps with grades and getting work done. However, Rose thinks that if a person works very hard on work and actually gets things done, no matter if they have absences or something missing, they should still get out of class.

“The purpose for Boost is to get work done when you don’t have time to finish it in class or at home”, Crook said.

Students that don’tuse Boost time to work on classwork like sophomore Calysta Lawrence and junior Jacob Southall think it doesn’t help because the administrators are trying to help kids that don’t want it. They think it is overall boring and a waste of time. 

Assistant principal Jeffery Haskins said, “It is the teacher’s job to encourage kids and help them get their work done. They want to make the students successful for after school to get a job and a good education.”

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Hurry up, get last minute Christmas gifts

Christmas season is right around the corner. We have a week and a half until Christmas and everyone is getting so excited. Parents and kids are starting to Christmas shop. Also, make sure your house is all decorated for this fun season! 

We all know that sometimes we can forget some gifts and we have to do a little last minute gift shopping. You can do DIY gifts or store bought. Here are some ideas. 

Store bought presents are also really good for last minute if you are not a crafty person. Some last minute store bought gift ideas are fun socks or cozy ones, soft blankets, picture frames, candles, food and candy. There are tons more of ideas! 

Some DIY (do it yourself) gift ideas are tie blankets, scrapbooks, pictures in frames and many more. Pinterest is a good source to find some DIY gifts to make for your friends and loved ones! All of the gifts suggested above are quick and easy. You can buy these supplies for all of the projects at Walmart, Target or Dollar General. Money would not be as much of an issue for the homemade gifts. The most you should spend on these gifts would be around $15 to $20.

These DIY gifts are super easy to make. For the tie blankets because they are really popular, they have kits at Walmart you can buy and it comes with everything you will need. It would take about twenty minutes to make. You can make a tie blanket with one or two layers. With two layers, you will spread out your two pieces of fabric on top of each other and start to cut each layer about 1 inch apart all the way down on every side, then you would start to tie all of the cuts and then you have your blanket.

You could give these last minute gifts to anyone you desire, friends, family, boyfriend or girlfriend.

Just because you forget to get a special gift for someone doesn't mean that you can't get a good one last minute. There are some great ideas, Hurry up and go get yours! 

Stuff your stockings with a theme

Finding stocking stuffers during this busy holiday season can be tricky. They can be used as a bunch of little gifts to add to others, or a whole gift itself. You can personalize any stocking for your friends or family. Stockings can differ by age, gender, and interests. 

If your friend or family member is an artist, you may want to get:

  • Tubes of Paint $
  • Mini Canvases $$
  • Collapsible Mini Easels $$
  • Charcoal Pencils $
  • Gel Pens $$
  • Mini Sketch Book $
  • Brush Holders $
  • Gift Card to a Supply/Hobby Store $

These are easy to find at any art store and are cheap to buy. You can change the quality of the paint and types of art kits by their age. For example, younger kids may enjoy paint-by-number books rather than canvases.

If your friend or family member is a writer, you may want to get:

  • Mini Notebooks $
  • Leather Journal $
  • Book of Author Quotes $
  • Magnetized Poems $
  • Pens/Pencils $
  • Coffee Mug $
  • Coffee $
  • Snack Foods $

You can find these items in any Walmart or Target and are cost efficient. 

If your friend or family member loves books, may want to get:

  • Paperback Book $
  • Bookmarks $
  • Mug $
  • Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate $
  • Book Light $
  • Book on Tape $
  • Gift Card to a Bookstore $

You can find these at any Walmart, Target, or book store. They are not costly and would be recommended for any age.
If your friend or family member is a sports fan, you may want to get:

  • Ball Cap $$
  • Team Pins/Emblems $
  • Team Lanyards $
  • Tickets to a Game/Event $$$
  • Team Socks $
  • Bumper Stickers $
  • Trading Cards $

You can find these gifts online and some may cost more than others.

If your friend or family member loves to travel, you may get:

  • Destination Brochures $
  • Luggage Tags $
  • Electric Adapter $$
  • Travel Toiletries (Shampoo, Conditioner, Toothpaste) $
  • Earbuds $
  • Gift Cards to E-Books $
  • Gum/Mints/Candy $
  • Breakfast Bars $
  • Tea Bags $
  • Postcard Stamps $
  • Disposable Camera $$
  • Travel Journal $
  • Mini Notebook $

These gifts are available online and some are available at Walmart or Target. You may spend more money on these items.

Meet Star

Star is a senior at Ripley High. She is the youngest in her family; she has older siblings, Gage and Katie. She also has two dogs named Bella and Anna, and a cat named Mo. 

If she had to pick any food to eat for the rest of her life, it would be Italian because it’s her favorite food. Her ideal date would be going out to a movie and eating at Outback. 

Maroon is her favorite color; she thinks maroon is a good color for any kind of clothing. Her favorite thing about her birthday is it’s during the fall and that’s her favorite season. Christmas is her favorite holiday because she loves family dinners and they gather all together during Christmas. Her favorite thing about school is getting to see her friends. Her favorite subject is English; she’s very good in that subject. 

Star would like to be a sonographer when she gets older because she’s had some experience along with having heart problems and being used to seeing sonographers. She is planning to go to Marshall or BridgeValley for college when she gets out of high school.

How Students Avoid Stress during Finals

Semester finals are coming up QUICKLY! For those of you who haven’t experienced such a thing as finals, don’t worry! It does sound stressful, but you will feel relieved once you finish your last week of this semester.

Our finals will be on the week of December 17-21. We will have our regular schedule; the only difference is the classes with Viking Boost for that day will be the classes you take exams in. However if you do miss a day, Friday will be our make-up day along with free time if you’re caught up with everything.

Many different kinds of exams or projects are used by students for their finals. For example, some seniors in Civics will be taking an exam on their government facts of the day from the whole semester. Some other classes might not take a test, such as Creative Writing; they will make a portfolio to write specific things and turn it all in. It just depends on the teacher and the class. If you are unsure about your final, please do not hesitate to ask your teacher(s)!

Studying for a final is very important. If there’s a study guide provided for a final, use it. If not, then make your own. There are many ways you can do in order to study such as using Quizlet, diy flash cards, or writing answers over and over to memorize it. Ask the teacher questions if you’re curious or unsure about something.

You can study anywhere! As long as you’re not distracted. Usually, the library is always a good place for everyone to go and have some time to sit down and study. Pick a room where you won’t be as distracted as others. Also, the volume in the room will influence on your studying; if you’re at the gym where there’s a lot of activity and noises going on, you probably should move. Your bedroom might be a good place to study; the kitchen table or in the living room. Anywhere that you feel the most comfortable preparing for a final.

Another way to stay focused is to eat properly. Have a full breakfast that’ll leave you feeling satisfied for most of the morning. Eat a well balanced lunch and dinner. Add some snacks throughout the day if you feel like. Like your eating routines, sleep routines are very important and must not interfere your studies and focus. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep, at least from 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night.

Don’t think the world is coming to an end if you’re extremely stressed. Focus on the important things for this coming up week and you will feel better once you have everything completed. You’re not alone! Everyone else around you might seem like they have everything under control but really, they don’t. If you need time to calm down or destress, talking with another buddy or teacher about finals or something else to take your mind off school will help a whole lot. This is just the first semester of this year. You should be proud you’ve came this far and before you know it, the second semester will be over soon!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Meet Franki

Franki Harrah she is 17 years old. Her birthday is on September 23; the date of her birthday is also her favorite number. She has a younger brother named Joseph. She is planning on going to college but right now she is undecided where. Franki does know that after college she wants to do something that involves the subject English. Her favorite subject in school is also English just because she has always been good at it. Her favorite thing about school is seeing her friends after having a long summer. 

Franki’s favorite color is and she said the color yellow because it makes her happy when she sees it. She has a pet at home which is a cat. The cats name is Sunny, because it reminds her of yellow sunshine. Franki’s favorite kind of food is anything with cheese; she loves cheese. Her ideal date would be to go bowling, then after to go out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. Television is not really her thing she said, she doesn’t watch it much but if she would have to pick her favorite show it would be “Gilmore Girls”. Her favorite season is fall because her favorite holiday is Halloween.