Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Hurry up, get last minute Christmas gifts

Christmas season is right around the corner. We have a week and a half until Christmas and everyone is getting so excited. Parents and kids are starting to Christmas shop. Also, make sure your house is all decorated for this fun season! 

We all know that sometimes we can forget some gifts and we have to do a little last minute gift shopping. You can do DIY gifts or store bought. Here are some ideas. 

Store bought presents are also really good for last minute if you are not a crafty person. Some last minute store bought gift ideas are fun socks or cozy ones, soft blankets, picture frames, candles, food and candy. There are tons more of ideas! 

Some DIY (do it yourself) gift ideas are tie blankets, scrapbooks, pictures in frames and many more. Pinterest is a good source to find some DIY gifts to make for your friends and loved ones! All of the gifts suggested above are quick and easy. You can buy these supplies for all of the projects at Walmart, Target or Dollar General. Money would not be as much of an issue for the homemade gifts. The most you should spend on these gifts would be around $15 to $20.

These DIY gifts are super easy to make. For the tie blankets because they are really popular, they have kits at Walmart you can buy and it comes with everything you will need. It would take about twenty minutes to make. You can make a tie blanket with one or two layers. With two layers, you will spread out your two pieces of fabric on top of each other and start to cut each layer about 1 inch apart all the way down on every side, then you would start to tie all of the cuts and then you have your blanket.

You could give these last minute gifts to anyone you desire, friends, family, boyfriend or girlfriend.

Just because you forget to get a special gift for someone doesn't mean that you can't get a good one last minute. There are some great ideas, Hurry up and go get yours! 


  1. I really liked the ideas on Pinterest. I used that a-lot.

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