Friday, December 7, 2018

Meet Franki

Franki Harrah she is 17 years old. Her birthday is on September 23; the date of her birthday is also her favorite number. She has a younger brother named Joseph. She is planning on going to college but right now she is undecided where. Franki does know that after college she wants to do something that involves the subject English. Her favorite subject in school is also English just because she has always been good at it. Her favorite thing about school is seeing her friends after having a long summer. 

Franki’s favorite color is and she said the color yellow because it makes her happy when she sees it. She has a pet at home which is a cat. The cats name is Sunny, because it reminds her of yellow sunshine. Franki’s favorite kind of food is anything with cheese; she loves cheese. Her ideal date would be to go bowling, then after to go out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. Television is not really her thing she said, she doesn’t watch it much but if she would have to pick her favorite show it would be “Gilmore Girls”. Her favorite season is fall because her favorite holiday is Halloween. 

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