Friday, December 14, 2018

Students, staff have different opinions about Viking Boost

Viking Boost is a fifteen-minute extension to class periods before and after lunch for teachers and students to work together. A student can get work done when they didn’t have time during that class. Teachers can give extra help one-on-one or in small groups.  It rotates so every class has Boost one day a week.

Principal Beverly Shatto said we have “Viking Boost because kids have things to do after school like take care of animals for the fair and do chores. We give them a chance during school to get their work done.”

The biggest difference between Boost and Power Hour is that Boost is during class and not lunch.

“Sometimes students would be required to go to more than one class during Power Hour each day.  The students and teachers had to coordinate schedules, and sometimes the students didn’t get enough help because they were running back and forth.  Separating it by periods definitely helps us to deal with one group at a time,” English teacher Emily Okes said.

This year, students can work on anything during Boost. Students are already in class so if they need to stay for Boost, then they just stay. The requirement to stay for Boost is having a 70% or lower, any missing work or zeros, over five days of absents in that class, or if the teacher wants the student to stay. 

Shatto said “Kids who are not in Viking Boost can go to the cafeteria and the main lobby but not in the hallways or around classes so they don’t disturb them.”

Teachers like Jeanette Bowlby use their Boost time to “help students with their classwork, give private lessons, allow students to advance in their musical abilities.” Some kids get work done in class but some don’t so Boost time is good for them. 

Students that useBoost like sophomore Talyson Rose and freshman Salena Crook think that it helps with grades and getting work done. However, Rose thinks that if a person works very hard on work and actually gets things done, no matter if they have absences or something missing, they should still get out of class.

“The purpose for Boost is to get work done when you don’t have time to finish it in class or at home”, Crook said.

Students that don’tuse Boost time to work on classwork like sophomore Calysta Lawrence and junior Jacob Southall think it doesn’t help because the administrators are trying to help kids that don’t want it. They think it is overall boring and a waste of time. 

Assistant principal Jeffery Haskins said, “It is the teacher’s job to encourage kids and help them get their work done. They want to make the students successful for after school to get a job and a good education.”


  1. I like the viking boost because I have practice and stuff with the cows. Thanks

  2. i like viking boost because it gives me time to focus on the stuff i really need help with.

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