Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Stuff your stockings with a theme

Finding stocking stuffers during this busy holiday season can be tricky. They can be used as a bunch of little gifts to add to others, or a whole gift itself. You can personalize any stocking for your friends or family. Stockings can differ by age, gender, and interests. 

If your friend or family member is an artist, you may want to get:

  • Tubes of Paint $
  • Mini Canvases $$
  • Collapsible Mini Easels $$
  • Charcoal Pencils $
  • Gel Pens $$
  • Mini Sketch Book $
  • Brush Holders $
  • Gift Card to a Supply/Hobby Store $

These are easy to find at any art store and are cheap to buy. You can change the quality of the paint and types of art kits by their age. For example, younger kids may enjoy paint-by-number books rather than canvases.

If your friend or family member is a writer, you may want to get:

  • Mini Notebooks $
  • Leather Journal $
  • Book of Author Quotes $
  • Magnetized Poems $
  • Pens/Pencils $
  • Coffee Mug $
  • Coffee $
  • Snack Foods $

You can find these items in any Walmart or Target and are cost efficient. 

If your friend or family member loves books, may want to get:

  • Paperback Book $
  • Bookmarks $
  • Mug $
  • Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate $
  • Book Light $
  • Book on Tape $
  • Gift Card to a Bookstore $

You can find these at any Walmart, Target, or book store. They are not costly and would be recommended for any age.
If your friend or family member is a sports fan, you may want to get:

  • Ball Cap $$
  • Team Pins/Emblems $
  • Team Lanyards $
  • Tickets to a Game/Event $$$
  • Team Socks $
  • Bumper Stickers $
  • Trading Cards $

You can find these gifts online and some may cost more than others.

If your friend or family member loves to travel, you may get:

  • Destination Brochures $
  • Luggage Tags $
  • Electric Adapter $$
  • Travel Toiletries (Shampoo, Conditioner, Toothpaste) $
  • Earbuds $
  • Gift Cards to E-Books $
  • Gum/Mints/Candy $
  • Breakfast Bars $
  • Tea Bags $
  • Postcard Stamps $
  • Disposable Camera $$
  • Travel Journal $
  • Mini Notebook $

These gifts are available online and some are available at Walmart or Target. You may spend more money on these items.

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