Tuesday, January 15, 2019

"Bandersnatch" comes out on Netflix

“Bandersnatch” came out on Netflix on December 28th, 2018.  This movie is special because of how the viewer can choose what the character does. This movie was created to be a psychological thriller because you never know what will happen next. Only you can decide, wait and watch what happens next. 

Stefan is the main character who was reading the book “Bandersnatch.”  He wants to turn it into a video game, an important part of the story for him, but not necessarily for the viewer.  The writer of this movie, Charlie Brooker, wanted to do something different, so he made it possible for Netflix viewers to pick what the main character does. He has made the movie have five different endings in a small community or a big city. 

Throughout the movie Stefan will come to a point where he has to make a decision.  You will look at the bottom of the screen and pick what you want him to do. You have 10 seconds to choose but if you don't pick an answer the movie will pick for you. The character doesn't understand why he can't control his life which freaks him out. His decisions you make are sometimes small, like cereal, or big, like who dies. 

Viewers think it is very interesting to see what each decision does and that's why people say they like to watch the movie five times to see every ending. 

I didn't really like the movie because of all the choices.  The movie constantly pausing started to get annoying. Then the more choices you make that gets confusing. Also, I didn't like the movie because you did not really get to choose what he did. If you chose the wrong answer, it took you back to have you pick again. There were dead ends in this story.I did not finish the movie either because the character’s craziness did not grab my attention. I would rate this movie with a two out of five stars. 

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