Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Pete's Hotdog's plans to open in March

Pete’s Hotdogs plans to reopen in March. The restaurant caught on fire in August 2018 at 10:30pm. Because it was closed, no one was hurt, but the building had to be remodeled.

The only major change planned for the building is making the dining room area larger.

Senior Levi Simpkins also painted a mural in the dining room. He was able to pick what the mural would be of as long as it had a viking and hot dogs involved. It only took him 3 to 4 days. Simpkins was asked to paint the mural because he has worked at Pete’s and owner Matt Petersen knew about his artistic abilities.

“I decided to paint the mural as a viking holding a hot dog,” said Simpkins.

The remodel has been going smoothly, but slowly.

“It has taken longer than I expected,” said Petersen.

Customers are excited about the reopening of Pete’s.

Freshman Alex Craigo says, “The atmosphere is pretty cool there. The people are nice.”

Others are focused on the food they’ve missed in the past few months.

Junior Evan Bain said, “It’s opening? Yo, that’s great! The pepperoni rolls. Just the food, man. I’m ready.”

Petersen is planning on keeping the same employees he had before the fire occurred, but will be holding a meeting to see how many employees are willing to come back.

You can apply at Pete’s by going in when the store opens and getting an application if they reopen the hiring process.

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