Friday, February 8, 2019

Ripley Museum

The Ripley Museum may be something you did not know about. The museum is so small it seems hidden. There are many exhibits at the museum that present the past of Ripley.

“Some of the exhibits are interesting people, collection of old post cards, old glassware from Ripley businesses,” said Mike Reuben, director of the Ripley Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Other exhibits are about famous people, such as a photo of Ella Dee Kessel, she was a first lady of West Virginia she also was the ex-wife of Governor Gaston Caperton and was Miss West Virginia. There is a photo of Carte Goodwin, who was a American attorney who served as a United States Senator.The museum has a photo and album from Buddy Starcher, an American country singer born in Ripley. and a photo Bill Karr who played for the Chicago Bears.

The Ripley Convention Visitors Bureau owns the museum. The museum is only 120 square feet.  Superior, AZ claims to have the world’s “smallest” museum but is actually is 14 square feet bigger. Reuben says, “there are not plans to expand the museum because there is no room.” It has been open since June of 2014.

The cost of visiting the museum is free. There are tours, you can tour by yourself, or someone will take you on a tour.  It is located on 115 North Church Street, and can be entered through the side entrance. The business hours are from 9am to 5pm.

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