Friday, March 22, 2019

Affordable activities in West Virginia for spring break

There are many places to go during spring break but it usually costs a lot of money or take a long time to travel to. If you are wanting to go on a trip with a budget or want to stay local, think about some of these places.

Adventures on the Gorge is a great place to go to if you enjoy wilderness activities like rock climbing, horseback riding, zip lining, and cave tours. They also have outdoor laser tag which is very unheard of but very fun. Adventure on the Gorge has restaurants like a pizzeria, a bakery, and a steakhouse. Not too far from there is Comfort Inn New River which is only $65 a night. There is also a Quality Inn for $60 per night. Both hotels come with free breakfast. If you don’t like very many of the activities or just need a change or boost, check out the bridge walking on New River Gorge.

Blackwater Falls is a very outdoorsy and active place full of adventure. It includes ATV riding, geocaching, mountain bike trails, white water rafting, and museums. There are a lot of great eateries in that area like Hellbender Burritos, the Alpine Lodge Sawmill Restaurant, and the Blackwater Falls Smokehouse. A great accommodation to go to would be the Alpine Lodge which is $65 per night. Another one for a higher price but very well spent would be the Canaan Valley Resort which is $100 per night.

Spruce Knob is more of an “out in the boonies” park. There, people usually fish, hunt, hike, horseback ride, and bike. A great eatery to go to while in Elkins would be the Front Porch Restaurant which is a pizzeria. A couple other good places are the Gateway Restaurant, which is family friendly, and Asbury’s Restaurant which is American food. A good place to stay while visiting Spruce Knob would be at the Super 8 by Wyndham Elkins for $66 a night. There is also a Hampton Inn for $112 per night. If you want to visit somewhere else close, try Seneca Caverns. This place is a beautiful cavern to walk through. Also, after the tour is over, there is a gift shop as well as a restaurant/ice cream shop.

Adventures on the Gorge, Blackwater Falls, and Spruce Knob are very fun, non-expensive places to visit for spring break. Since spring break is so close, make your decisions count and have fun.

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