Monday, April 29, 2019

Ripley Viking Softball season comes to end...

This season has gone extremely well for our Ripley Viking girls softball team. So far we are at the West Virginia rank of 19, with XVIII wins and VI loses. Five out of the seventeen girls on the team are seniors, and lower class-men are anxious about their fellow teammates leaving when they graduate.

Cassidy Young states, “ It hits me really hard when I remember this is my last year playing softball for Ripley, and I will probably miss it when I’m gone.”

Young has played all four years in high school, including numerous years before.
Underclassmen express the sadness they feel about current seniors leaving, and hesitation as of how they are going to play without them.

“It will not be the same without the seniors playing next year”, states Grace Walsh.

The underclass players look up highly to the seniors when it comes to guidance,  hard work, and dedication. Current seniors are Cassidy Young, Taylor Johnson, Jahlea Bumpus, Jaelyn Hunt, and Sarah Brannon.

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