Thursday, April 11, 2019

Seniors lead team during season

Ripley baseball team is having an average season with a record of 6 losses and 7 wins. Head coach Shane Casto has put in a lot of work this year to make the team better than ever. The leadership from the seniors on the team has really helped out.There are three seniors out of 18 players on the team this year. 

Casto looks for new drills to teach the team to make them better. He also encourages the players to do better and helps raise their self-esteem.

“The coach really pays attention to our mistakes and makes us better for the games with different drills,” said junior Gavin Blankenship. 

Leadership just isn't from the coach. It's also from experienced players. 

“The seniors really help us out at practice and teach us and give us tips to improve our skills for games,” said sophomore Cameron Patterson.  

The upperclassmen have really improved their skills over many years.  Dane Petersen has been playing since age five, Tyler Haskins since age five and Josh Carte since age four.  They share their experience to make the underclassmen better. 

“I use my skills to help out the underclassmen by teaching them how to do things different and so that it is easier to do,” said Carte. 

The seniors are getting ready to graduate and their season is coming to an end fast. 

“The thing I will miss the most about playing baseball at Ripley High is being around all the teammates and making memories with them,” said Carte. 

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