Monday, April 22, 2019

Traveling is a great experience for everyone

Teens are always looking for something to do or something new to try. Traveling is a great experience whether it is to a different state or out of the country. You are able to experience so many different ways of life by visiting different places. Traveling can open your eyes to the world.

Traveling will get you out of your comfort zone and puts life in perspective. You may discover things you’ve taken advantages of; like air conditioning, hot water, or clean water. Laws in every country. The countries I have visited had a drinking age of 18 and not many traffic laws. You will most likely come back with a new appreciation of life if you travel to other countries.

Unless you want to pay for an out of country cell phone plan, which can become very expensive, you probably won’t be able to use internet based apps while outside of wifi. This did become very frustrating at times, but I quickly grew used to not having cell service all the time. 

I have also stayed in many hotels without air conditioning and hot water while visiting other countries in 103 degree weather. It made me realize how lucky we are to be able to use such technology.

Two countries I have visited are Uganda, Africa and Belize, Central America. Both were developing countries. Belize was more developed than Uganda but had similarities and differences. I did not see very many policemen in Belize but there were a lot of members of the military walking around Uganda. 

I was not allowed to wear shorts or anything that showed my stomach in Uganda out of respect of their culture, although I could wear shorts and a bathing suit top walking around in Belize.

You can make friends from across the globe, too. By interacting with locals, there are so many different cultures, foods, traditions, beliefs, and adventures you can experience that average tourists may not have a chance to. 

I have made friends in Uganda and Belize that I still talk to today. I was able to experience things most tourists would not be able to because of them. My family and I got to be the first tourists to go into a cave that was not open to the public because of a friend we made while we were visiting Belize.

Whether you loved the place you traveled to or not, you will definitely have stories to tell. You will be able to tell people about what you did if it was just walking through the towns or going through tourist locations.

You can experience similar environments by traveling in the United States too. You will be able to see different terrain across the states. However, it won’t be the same as visiting another country but can still be just as exciting.


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